Oct 30, 2013

Another Autumn Card

Hi! :D Good day everybody! :D

I have a card to share with you all today :D
While autumn is still in the air, I made another orange card, colour that represent autumn best! :D
Today's post is gonna be short, promise. LOL.

At this time, I use Magnolia stamp, this cute Tilda with Corn.
Here's my card :)

Here's the colouring detail. I coloured her as usual, with Copics! :D
Added some liquid pearl and distress stickles around her, and also stamp some background stamp randomly :)

I put some flowers there.
See that asters with yellow, orange and white colours? I made that :) :)
Psst, I made it at working hours, while my boss was out of the room. LOL :D

I made an orange banner, created word autumn from Prima Marketing sticker.
Also added some part of Magnolia Doohickey, lovely fence there.
My favourite one, doily is never absent when it comes to my creations :) :)
I also added white lace below that orange banner. Maybe you would see it clearly on the full view. 

On the left bottom side, I glued a vintage pin I found in my local store. When the first I saw it, I just thought that it would perfectly fit autumn :) :) 

Above Tilda, I use Corrugated paper, and also put brown ribbon plus yellow flower there.
Isn't it cute? LOL. 

And, yes, it's finished already.
As my promise, this one gonna be short :)
I have much race with time lately. I have to decide wisely which one should I do; working life, hobby, and social life.
Yes, we have to grow up :D

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Thank you for stopping by :D
Hope you have a fabulous day!


Mikha Adriani

Oct 18, 2013

My Very First Besties Card!! :D

This is my 2nd post! :D
See, no Magnolia :D :D I used My Besties this time. She's juuuustttt sooo cuuuuteeee. LOL!

A friend of mine, Christy introduces me to My Besties. I already seen them before, just a glance, never had any thought to colour them. But once I tried, I'm hooked. Such an karma, haha.

I'm so excited, since this is the first non-Magnolia card I ever made. Plus lately I've just made 51 ATCs to celebrate WMCD. Could you imagine how much are they? But it's so much fun :D :D that's why I'm soo excited :) :)

I choose an cheerful and autumn colour, Orange :D
And here's my card:

I coloured them with Copis. So much details, and so much fun I found colouring this besties image :D
This fairy image always reminds me of Julie.
She used this image also, and coloured her hair in pink. You can check her beautiful card here.

For the details, I don't use too much flowers. But my usual are always popped. Lace and Ribbon :D :D
I added yellow heart pin too here. And for the left upper corner, I added white corner from clay. 

I added two white feathers on the right bottom side. Those feather were on my stash for years. I already forgot that I had them. LOL. And I also added yellow little butterfly from my stash. See the brown rope there? That's also a given from Yulis :) 
For the sentiment, I used metal charm with "Never Give Up" words :)

The main title on this card is The Power of Stash, LOL.

Added white wodden pin and flower in the upper side. At this picture you could also see the feather :) :) 

Here's the last preview of my besties card :)
What do you think? 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. LOL.
Would loveeee if you leave any comment :) :) those are such an positive energy for me :D

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Mikha Adriani

Wedding Bookcard, Special for Debby and Rene

Hi, hi, hi! :D How long has it been since my last post? LOL.
Sooo sorry, I haven't posted anything lately. I barely got my me-time :( Super busy with work and etc, LOL.

This is gonna be a short post, because I'm gonna post another :) My 2nd post is NOT gonna be Magnolia card :D :D

Just simply enjoy my bookcard! :D
Here's the front :)
I used Vintage Wedding Couple from Magnolia Stamp, my most favourite brand; but lately I tried another and they're cute too, LOL. 
Ah, forgot the Royal Wedding Fence for the background, LOL. I masked them together.

Coloured Tilda and Edwin with Copics as usual.
Here's the colouring detail.
I used white, cream and brown colours here, an elegant choise for a wedding gift, eh? :D

I put some flowers, doily, and pearls in the left upper side. And also swirly die-cut :) 

Here's the detail for the upper side, swirly die-cut looks clear here. I swaped some gesso anywhere. I'm kinda crazy used it here and there that time. LOL.

For the bottom details, I added oval frame made from clay, then put their names on it. And also some brown flowers are arranged there. I also used pearl chain around the images.

Stamped the date of the wedding on the thickness of the book. 

And here's the details for inside. 

Here's the happy wedding couple photo :D They look sooo cute together, eh? :) :)

As Midweek Magnolia's theme is Song Bird, the song that inspired me is My Destiny by Katharine McPhee. Have you heard the song? :) Beautiful song, really! :D

That's all for today. I'm gonna hunt for some challenge tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.
Soo sleepy and gonna post another one :D

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Hugs from Surabaya,

Mikha Adriani

Oct 1, 2013

DDCC 1st Challenge, anything goes about the designer!

Hi, hi, hi! :D
It's the first of October and it means the first challenge of our Dreamtime Designs :) you can also check the blog for further information by clicking the picture below :D


As the first challenge of other blogs, DDCC #1 theme also anything goes, it's just focused on the designer <3
Is the challenge quite hard, or we'd better say it different? :)
For me, that theme reminds me of being a designer. I'm an Interior Designer and always create something based on concept. This challenge reminds me of it! :D
And, here's the sneak peek you see in Lisa's blog, eh? :)

And here's the full view of my creation :D

I live in Surabaya and Surabaya is a hot-hot city; especially in the summer! Surabaya only has 2 seasons, dry and rainy. I love both, but if you ask me to choose, I prefer dry season :D I love going around and hanging out with my friends. Can't you imagine what's gonna happen if suddenly a rain poured? :)

And also, Surabaya is a big packed city, with tons of buildings. You nearly see natural environments there; which is kinda sad. There are tons of cafes and malls here, and that's the best hanging out spot for me and my friends.

At this very moment, this creation is inspired by our latest hanging out place, an unique cafe called Calais. The cafe it self has an unique concept, focused on gentleman. 
It also provides accesorries like fake moustache, glasses, cushion and also bowler for us to take some pictures to capture the moment :) It's soooo fun being there, and more with besties!! You have to try one someday, LOL. Sadly I'm not taken any picture of the stores, but sure you can find it on Google. Teehee  :D

Here's the picture of our drinks and the accesoriess. Isn't it fun? :D

This is me and my besties <3 From left to right, me - Enrike - Merry.
It's been a while since the last time we're together. After that graduation ceremony, we've been busy with our new job and it's really hard seeing each others.

At this time, I didn't use much details.
I coloured Tildas using Copics, as usual.
I only added some background stamp, gesso frantage, and also stickles! :D
For another embelishments, I use laces (my favourite!) and also flowers. And you can see metal butterfly here on this picture below :) another metal is star charm I hang on the ribbon near the window; which you can see in the first picture.

Here's the detail for the right side. I added brown tree then decorated it with some clay flowers.

And, for the roof, I use curly brownish paper; I have no idea what that paper name. LOL.
Then I simply added fushia flowers on the top of pink ribbon and laces :) 

That's all for today :D
I hope you enjoy my creation, and get inspired :)
Thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

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I'll see you around! :D

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Mikha Adriani