Oct 20, 2016

Magnolia Card - Indonesian Crafters Charity Event


This one was a Magnolia card I made for charity event among Indonesian crafter.
Yes, I haven't made any cards, including this. And this fussy and fancy style was my style long tiiiime ago. LOL.

Anyway, enjoy the card :)

Have a nice day!



Fairies and Mermaids Cards

Oh my God! It's been forever!!!

How are you? :D

Sooo, I've been drawing lately. I haven't made any card, until... One day, my friend ask me to do card swap again, like after forever. Since I like to draw, I turned the images into cards :)

I drew fairies and mermaids. Here's the image:

And here's the cards! :)
Which one do you like better?

And I think that's it :)
Wishing you a nice day :) :)