Jun 15, 2013

Japanese Stickles Place - A birthday gift for a friend of mine

Hi everybody! :D

This time I'm gonna share this, a stickles places.

I made this for a friend of mine, who loooves Japan, anything about Japan. She's a crafter too, and she likes Kurumi (if I'm not mistaken spell it >.<)

I used Chinese Tilda (not Japanese Tilda) because all I've got is this.

I coloured her in pink and purple as accent with markers, in resemble with sakura, Japanese flower.

I also put some flowers to decorate it :D and also, I'm a doily person. Most of my creations are used doily, hihihi... I'm a ribbon person too. Actually I'm hooked to use ribbon lately :D

I used chocolate paper, with pink accent for background, I forgot what brand it is.

And, somehow she likes it when she received it. 
I'm so glad, because I made this creation hurriedly with no preparation >.<

Hug and kiss,

Mikha Adriani


  1. horeee....I'm the first comment...buatku ya...wkwkwkwk
    Welcome to the blogland Mikha!

    1. Waduuhh.. uda ditangannya mbak dwita cc... wkwkwkkw... :p iya nih, ce jill yg pertama kali comment.. *huggggsss