Jul 4, 2013

Define: Happiness

Dear everybody,

Lately I've been busy with my thesis, which is already finished!! (finally, yayy!)

That's why I feel so refreshed, yet a bit confused. After this and that over, I'm gonna step to the real world, trying to get a job for myself. I'm in interior design major, so I plan to work on that too.

After that hectic past 4 months, have nothing to do makes me feel a bit empty, and I get to bad mood zone too easily. This side effect of have nothing to do already took many victims, like my friends, my mom (I really feel sorry for her), my BF, who I always throw my anger at (I pity him too, lol). I've been desperated lately, and always have thought that nothing works! Can you imagine how horrible is that?!

But then, today, after quite a long meditation and meeting my friends in university to finish my graduation administration, I found that happines is simple.

To be happy you only need to do something good that satisfy yourself. It's just a simple little thing, isn't it?
For me, having people thanking me for what I did makes me feel happy and thankful too. That simple thank you and simple smile really could brighten my day! Your simple smile, simple act, simple little thank you could change someone's cloudy day.

Here's my point, to be happy, you don't need a lot of thing, just a simple thing called thankful, kindness, and peace.

Be thankful for what you are and what you have. Don't be jealous and frowning at everything you can't have.

Always spread kindness. You have no idea what, when, where and how they're gonna return to you, in amazing ways!

Have peace in your heart. That way you will always be thankful for everything and have kindness in your heart.

I wish you all a good day... Always keep happiness inside you! :D

Thank you for stepping and reading my blog.


Mikha Adriani

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