Jul 22, 2014

Blog Hop With Difference - Mikha

Hi there!! Good morning! :)
So sorry it's late, I was so dropped yesterday, catch a stomachache and fever!!
I will add some photos asap :)
Today I'm posting something different. I'm participating in Blog Hop with Difference :)
I was asked to participate this with Susan Kennedy. She's a talented, funny, kind and caring crafter I met when I join her and Vicky's challenge blog, called Open-Minded Crafting Fun. It's an amazing challenge blog you should peek and also join!! They got sooo much sponsors!

This is the post Susan did last Monday, click HERE :)

And as for me,
I'm an ordinary girl who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I work in an interior contractor and loves art since I was a kid. I started with scrapbook around 2010. I loved it, bought some things, but never really into it as I can't find the community. So, it's just been neglected, LOL.

Almost end of 2012, I was introduced on card making by a friend and also my college tutor, Dian. She asked me to join gathering. That very time I found that this is fun! I started to create and never stop since. This is the first hobby I enjoy and never stop making :)

I'm starting blogging on June 2013. My very first image stamp is Magnolia. Magnolia is very popular in Indonesia. Lots of crafters love it, and so am I.
On my beginning blog journey, you'll find tons of Magnolia stamps I used. But then I found "Designer Team" things, and I'm starting to do digis, found them lovely!

When Susan asked me to join this bloghop, I'm sooo thrilled. I see this as an opportunity to introduce Indonesian crafters to world wide. I hope this hop isn't stop :)

This questions come with the hop:
1.  What am I working on?
I'm doing card making.
And what I do very now is a DT card for Indonesia Magnolia Lovers Challenge and also Dies R Us Inspirational Blog.
I colour with Copics. I've tried many before, starting with watercolour pencils, markers (I was on Interior Design Major, so I have some markers when I was on collage), distress inks, but the medium suits me best is Copic. I love colouring and want to get better on this! :)

This is what I really do right now:

I usually make cards, but sometimes (when the laziness isn't attack, LOL) I made 3D creations.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well, this is a difficult question, LOL. Lately, I often change place to live and my crafting mood depends on my surrounding. Once I found my cozy place yet forced to move, the mood is gone. So, my style really depends on the mood. Sometimes I did fussy and fancy with so many details. But on the other time, I did clean and simple. But I never really make a good CAS. It will still got my fussy and fancy style. LOL.
But what I always do is distressing and apply white paint on my card. And my embellishments to go are doily, pearls and rhinestone, and also ribbon and lace! :) flowers are also a must, hehe... I love flower :)

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?
And this question, I'm so happy to answer this. My life goal is being happy. Card making makes me happy and become what I am now. 
I got to know soooo many new friends with the same hobby. Could talk anything about this, get new experience and technique. And also sometimes gossiping, LOL! I get new friends and big sisters; new family :)

I'm so happy when I found this, and never want to stop! :) :)

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?
It's just happen! :) but usually I sketch what I want to make.
Sometimes I look other's creations as inspiration.

This is my first creation that I posted. It was a handmade frame (all of them are handmade and hand drawn). Made it for my 2months together with my boyfriend; now it's 45months, aww, time flies!!

It's kinda like scrapbook I made with all the things I've got. So it's really simple!

And here's my first Magnolia card :)

It's my favourite until now :)

That's it for me :)
And I'd like to introduce you to some crafters I'm proud of!
Please meet:

I met Samantha on my very first DT on Dreamtime Designs. That was her first DT too! :) She's a very friendly lovely lady and her works are gorgeous! She's more like CAS type, with full of surprise!! I bet you'll just be like this :O :O when see her creations, LOL! Miss you, Sam!! xx 

I also met Julie first on Dreamtime Designs. She's an Australian and super talented. Julie's signature is butterflies :) :) Her cards more like to fussy and fancy style, with sweet and cute addition :) I adore her creations. Very details and inspiring! So proud having her joining me xx

 I've only Roselany for a short time, but that's more than enough for me to adore her creations! Don't forget to visit her blog to get inspiration! Roselany is an Indonesian crafter. In a short time she's been on anywhere and winning anything! Her style is fussy and fancy with a touch of vintage :) xx

That's it! They will post about theirself on next Monday, 28th July 2014 :)
Please also visit their blog!!


Mikha Adriani


  1. I love this Mikha! It's great to get to know you better and your creative side!! :)

  2. Wow Mikha, I really do love your blog hop:)
    I can Know you more....:) and especially description about myself LOL.....thank you so much Mikha for ask me to join in this blog hop.Ok stay tune on my blog next July 28.
    My blog: http://RoselanyCaroline.blogspot.com


  3. This is FANTASTIC Mikha!! thank you SO MUCH for joining in : You are wonderful!! I loved reading more about you :) Can't wait until next week to follow along :)

  4. It is wonderful to hear all about you here Mikha! I love your Creative work! You are really inspiring! Hugs Julie xox