Jul 3, 2014

I'm part of IMLC Designer Team, YAY! :))

So proud to announce our Indonesia Magnolia Lovers Challenge, andddd... I'm being part of it!! Yayy! :))
 We have bunch of talented ladies there, and waiting you all our lovely talented ladies to join our first challenge on July 12th!!

Of course we have some lovely sponsors :)) One of them you wouldn't miss, Magnolia itself!!

So, I'm waiting you there!
PS: Don't forget to grab out badge ;)

 Woops!! Forget to add the link!!
Just click HERE and take a peek!


Mikha Adriani

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Congratulations honey, I am so pleased for you! You must be thrilled! See you there!
    Big Cuddles Jay xxx